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Sponsorship Prize of the "Kunstsammlung Raiffeisen Landesbank Südtirol 2017"

1th place at RAI Südtirol "sprungbrett - kreative talente in südtriol"

Kreativquartier München 1th place competition "Stä̈dtebaulicher und landschaftsplanerischer Ideenwettbewerb zur Entwicklung des Bereichs Dachauer Straße / Schwere-Reiter-Straße, Lothstraße in München"

Brücke/ Ponte

Selected movie at the B.I.F.F Independent Film festival in Biberach, Germany  


Selected project for "minus20degree Festival" / Flachau, Austria

Nominated project for the South Tyrolean architecture prize „ Südtiroler Architekturpreis 2015 – Premio Architettura Alto Adige 2015“ in the special category „building outside the borders of South Tyrol/ Italy" / Bozen / Italy

Mentioned project for "a call for a line"/ International contemporary art contest / Vajont / Italy

Le Coq Festif 
Selected project for "Putrica - Urban Arts Festival" / Freamunde / Portugal

Polyhedral Views
Winner of MEO Imaginarius’ off section / Santa Maria da Feira / Portugal

Polyhedral Views
Selected project for the street arts festival MEO Imaginarius/ Santa Maria da Feira / Portugal

Honorable Mention by the Jury of PNAM - Premio Nacional de Arquitetura em Madeira 2013 edition (Portuguese national wooden architecture prize)/ Lisbon/ Portugal

Selected project for the exhibition "Urban Intervention Award Berlin 2013"/ Berlin/ Germany

Selected project for "Pop UP Culture/Guimarães, Portugal

Selected project for „Serralves em festa 2010/ Porto/ Portugal

Nominated for the prize „Premio outrosmercadus 2010 - arquitectura/ design/ espacos efemeros“ and takes part at the touring exhibition “ Premio outrosmercadus 2010” in 2011

Selected project for „El globo de Juan“/ Braga/ Portugal

Selected project for „Noche de luna llena“/ Segovia/ Spain

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